Where in the world is Echo: Second City, Chicago

This past February, I was scheduled to interview an emerging actor, Torian Miller from The Second City. While I did not have to travel far, this was a special moment for me because it was my first time visiting the legendary Chicago venue. I was coming from Columbia College's campus in downtown Chicago, so the commute was a simple trip on the Brown Line. I was a little apprehensive walking into the building because of the damage the site sustained after a fire in August 2015, but after some tricky maneuvering, I was in the building and over my lingering concerns.

The show titled Afro-futurism is a themed satirical performance showcasing the flexibility and talent of the theater's black actors. This month’s theme was religion, and the actors delivered an assortment of acts that centered on material about current events, modern hymns and biblical allegories through a black perspective. My favorite moment was when Torian sang about how all his white friends say the n-word in private. He then encouraged a random white member of the audience to say it, you know, so he doesn’t have to say it in private anymore. To say the least, I greatly enjoyed the show.